Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NEW GOODIES: Chanel Ombre Contraste in Notorious

UPDATE: I am sad to say that I am returning Notorious. Not because it isn't fabulous - it is wonderful! After playing around a lot I realized that I get the same results using MAC Copperplate eyeshadow. While Notorious is gorgeous, I couldn't really justify it to myself after that!

Wheeeeeeee I got a package today! And it couldn't have come at a better time - I really needed a pick-me-up. I contour (almost) every single day a little bit, usually with NYX Taupe. I've been interested in trying something cooler toned for a while, but there just isn't an abundance of contouring powders out there. I've tried eyeshadows, but they are usually too pigmented and hard to blend out to a nice diffuse shadow.

Enter Chanel.

Even though I *loathe* the packaging of anything that contains an extra little spot for a useless brush, I went for it. Notorious looked like the perfect sculpting powder colour, and I was suckered in. Check it out...

Swatched versus NYX Taupe...

First impressions: Applying it over my current makeup, I am so far loving the effect. It is definitely more grey and pigmented than NYX Taupe, so I have to blend quite a bit and be careful to build the colour instead of whacking a whole bit on. However, the result is *spectacular* cheekbones! Definitely more work, but seems worth it. I will have to test it out further and report back. I will leave an update on this post if you're curious!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Yay! I ordered it too, but haven't had a chance to play since I've been sick this week. Please update to let us know how you are applying it. I've contoured in the past with my Mac 165 but I have the feeling that it will pick up too much product....

  2. @ahimsa - I will definitely keep you posted! When you feel better (which I hope is soon btw!) let me know how you're using it too...I'm so used to NYX Taupe I'm sure this will be an adjustment.