Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NEW GOODIES: Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes

UPDATE (October 14, 2012): After using this palette more often, I have decided to return it. I found that the colours fade badly throughout the course of the day - even over my usual NARS eyeshadow primer. I'm quite sad about it - I really love how thoughtfully this palette was put together.

I haven't purchased an eyeshadow palette in a long time - nothing has made me get the *tingle* or  stayed in my mind for more than 30 minutes. What with new holiday collections and limited edition goodies coming out, I've felt the tinge on a couple! Laura Mercier's Artist's Palette For Eyes is one of them, and I quickly caved and ordered it. I'm so glad I did! I brought this palette on my trip to Chicago and it was a perfect travel companion. It has all the basics - a light matte, a light shimmer, a medium brown, some dark colours, and a decent mix of warm and cool. 

Onto pictures! First up, the palette itself! Really nicely compact - much smaller than I expected. Has a good mirror and no fussy extra bits or spaces. 

All of the shades together. A nice balance of warm/cool, shimmery/matte. Some of the shades swatched a little oddly - Chocolate and African Violet in particular were a little crumbly and chalky. However I have to say I've used both of these quite a few times and I experience no problems with chalkiness on application. The mattes are lovely and smooth and very easy to blend.

L-R: Chocolate, African Violet, Sable, Guava

L-R: Cameo, Sunlit, Vanilla Nuts, Plum Smoke, Cafe Au Lait

L-R: Coffee Ground, Deep Night, Rich Coffee

I've really enjoyed this palette so far - expect to see some EOTDs with this from me coming up soon!

As always, thanks for looking. Any palettes making you *tingle* lately?


  1. These shadows look amazing!Sunlit, Cafe au Lait and Plum Smoke really catch my eye! I've been eyeing the Urban Decay the Vice palette! :D


  2. I'm seriously in love with these shadows even though the colours are not particularly special. It's the palette as a whole that draws me - so happy for mattes! The Vice palette looks great... I love UD shadows. I think the quality is fantastic!