Thursday, November 1, 2012

OCTOBER: Favourites

Fall is here!! My picks are pretty much symbolic of my return to cooler-weather makeup... My skin tends to look duller in the autumn/winter seasons, so I tend to reach for highlighters much more often. Like a makeup cliche, I also become way more interested in bright, deep or dark lipsticks when the weather changes. These are my favourites for the month of October...

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Iced Gold
In fall/winter I start busting out the highlighter more. I feel like the glaring bright summer light can make highlighter appear overly shimmery and obvious, but it really helps your skin look more luminous in the dull light of winter. Sometimes I get on kicks where I prefer liquid or powder, but this month creme was definitely my preference. I love that I have no problem applying this over a light layer of powder - most likely because the consistency of this creme is fairly dry  - but you still get the very dewy look of a creme product. I prefer applying this with a small stippling brush so as not to disturb my other makeup or look too heavy - this happens to me when I apply with fingers. Right now I'm using the ELF small stippling brush to apply this but I'm on the lookout for a softer version!

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Pirate
I have really embraced the red lip this month. I usually reserve it for going out or special occasions, but I've worn it just bumming around and to work this month and I LOVE it. I think it has a lot to do with the right shade of red, and I feel like Pirate really really *really* suits my skin tone. Bound to be an eternal favourite. Bonus points to this formula for being really long-lasting while not making my lips go all prune-like!

YSL Glossy Stain #14
Earlier this month I had a hankering for MAC Rebel, but digging this back out of my collection satisfied that urge! I got this in summer and didn't love it on me then - probably too strong a colour for me during the summers when I go a lot lighter with my makeup. But this gorgeous blackcurrant colour is perfect for autumn and I've been LOVING wearing it - especially with NARS Sin blush.

Benefit Porefessional
The time of year has come when the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer starts to dry me out. Oh winter. Right now the primer that's making my skin look smooth and keeping my makeup on forever is Porefessional. I have a HUGE problem with Benefit as a brand (LONG story), but I have to admit my love for this primer! Use a *tiny* bit and it works like magic...

Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara
I used up and tossed a lot of mascaras this month! As a 'reward' I let myself open one of my samples of Chanel Inimitable Intense - probably one of my favourite mascaras of all time. I get more compliments when I use this than any other mascara. It separates amazingly, holds curl, lengthens, adds some volume, doesn't run badly when I cry, and isn't a pain to remove. I usually think mascara should be a drugstore purchase, but I love this one so much that once I'm done with my treasured samples, I may spring for a tube.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really like the Porefessional, too! And I agree that a little does the trick.

  2. Yes! I have a suspicion that a lot people who dislike this might be using too much...